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Get Your Kickstart into the World of CIAM

Du mardi 22 novembre 2016 au mercredi 23 novembre 2016

Paris - ile de france

Already one of the hottest topics at EIC 2016, the linking of secure Identity & Access Management with Customer Relationship Management continues to be a core element for any digital business, not least because the CRM system represents the biggest identity store in the company.

With CIAM (Customer Identity & Access Management) data from various sources such as CRM, ERP, Identity Management, and your Website converges. To manage ownership of customer information in a digitally transformed economy with numerous business partners demanding access is one of the most significant evolutions today and it will continue to rapidly evolve.

The Consumer Identity Summit is here to get you kickstarted into the world of CIAM, where you learn from your customers while respecting their privacy needs and securing their personal information against cyber risks.

Key Topics

- From IAM (Identity & Access Management) to Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)
- Consumer Identity is the Key Element of your Digital Transformation Journey
- Creating the Ultimate Digital Customer Experience: The Building Blocks
- Privacy by Design & GDPR Compliance
- Prevent your Customers from Fraud and Cyber Risks
- Market Overview: Available Solutions and their Maturity Level
- Tutorial: How to start your CIAM Program now

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Lieu de l'événement :

Palais Brongniart - (Main entrance)
Place de la Bourse
75002 Paris

Organisateur :

• CXP Group & KuppingerCole

Conditions d'accès :

Réservé aux professionnels

Registration fee: 1 200€
The Event is aimed at users.
Language: English

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